Official Trailer: A portrait of the inner and outer space of a daughter living in a home 11,888km away from another home. The story is told through the emails she receives from her father between the years 2010 and 2015. It reveals the political battles between the state of Israel and Palestine, whereas this battle parallels a family battle. Distance and borders are felt while exploring the idea of home and asking, where is home. All this is taking place in the city of San Francisco, where rent is rising higher and eviction is an everyday topic.

Duration: 41:13 minutes

The Landscapes of Her Body 

A cinematic painting of the female body, The Landscapes of Her Body is a video installation that is completed by segments of three short films playing all at once. Through extreme close up shots it reveals the landscapes of women’s bodies with the intention to cease the spell of objectifying the female form. While questioning the position of the female gaze, these portraits are meant to give thanks and worship the feminine existence.

Duration: 3:20 minutes